This website can be useful for editors of Wikivoyage. It helps to convert a GeoJSON polygon into a mapmask or vice versa. Just paste the GeoJSON/mapmask code in the field above and click on Convert



GeoJSON to Mapmask

  1. Paste some example GeoJSON code into the textbox above: (Note: Code was taken straight from Commons.)
  2. Click on Convert. A map with the districts will show up. Select any polygon on the map to convert it to mapmask.
  3. Use this code in a Wikivoyage article to grey out everything beyond the district border of a certain article.

Mapmask to GeoJSON

  1. Paste some example Mapmask code into the textbox above:
  2. Click on Convert. The polygon of the mapmask will be shown on the map. Copy the result in the textarea below the map.
  3. Go to and paste the result in the right field under the JSON tab and check the result on the map.
  5. Change the properties of the geometry according to your liking (i.e. change the color, add a title, etc.).
  6. This GeoJSON file could be saved to Wikimedia Commons and be implemented in a Wikipedia or Wikivoyage map.


If you have ideas on how to make this tool better please head over to the github page and participate.